What is an Actuary

Risk and Reward
December 13, 2016

What is an Actuary

What is an Actuary

Actuaries are highly demanded professionals who develop solutions for financial issues.

Actuaries measure and manage risk. Actuaries are experts in using mathematics, statistics and business management concepts to help businesses grow and provide value to their customers. Actuaries help leaders make strategic decisions and consumers prepare for their future.

Actuaries are in demand. They work with businesses with a financial focus. Businesses including all types of insurance, banking, investments, government, e-commerce, marketing, product development, risk management, predictive analysis, consulting and many more.

The World relies on Actuaries

Actuaries identify opportunities for a more secure future.

Actuaries’ work delivers value to businesses, organizations and to the public. The world depends on actuaries to make wise decisions for the future by measuring and managing risk. Actuaries bring financial security to businesses, organizations and the public. Therefore, actuaries gain recognition, respect and rewards.

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